What's Ortho-K

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Have you ever given up your dreams because of your poor visual acuity?

A procedure to reduce myopia WITHOUT any surgeries.
We provide OSEIRT/Ortho-K which is a new and advanced way.

One of the greatest wishes of people with poor visual acuity must be to live their daily lives without needing to correct their vision. Glasses and conventional contact lenses somehow don’t quite offer a satisfactory solution. But on the other hand, the thought of laser surgery is an uncomfortable one. If this sounds like you, keep reading! A new treatment option, called OSEIRT/Ortho-K, makes it possible for you to live your dailiey life with uncorrected vision, without having to resort to any refrctive surgeries.

As the conventional Orthokeratology is, in principle, the proseisure to remodeling of the corneal shape integratedly, myopia patients with a refractive error greater than -4.0 diopters, or astigmatism patients with significant irregularities on the surfaces of their corneas measuring -2.0 diopters or more may not, in some instances, be able to expect sufficient results in one mere step. However, for those patients who do not require complete visual acuity recovery, for instance those with a higher refractive error and visual acuity of around 0.01(20/2000) who wish to, at the very least, improve their vision to around 0.1(20/200), or for those patients who wish to have thinner lenses on their glasses, Orthokeratology is possible.What is important is that the patient has ascertained their own condition, and has clearly defined their treatment goals, including their objectives and how much they would like their vision to improve.Consultation with the doctor at the initial examination therefore, is extremely important.

On the other hand, recently we developed this method of myopia reduciton into the next stage. The newly developed method OSEIRT/Ortho-K exceed the limit of conventional Orthokeratology. OSEIRT/Ortho-K usage programs are designed for each individual patient, depending on their symptoms and degree of myopia. For patients with a refractive error of up to approximately -4.0 diopters, visual acuity may be restored with one step lens design, whereas patients with a higher refractive error will need to gradually change their lens design as their results improved. For example, where a patient has around -7.5 diopter myopia and -2.5 diopter astigmatism, the first lens set will improve visual acuity to -6.0 diopter myopia and -2.0 diopter astigmatism. Next, treatment will continue with a second set of lenses, improving the myopia to around -4.0 diopters and the astigmatism to around -2.0 diopters.OSEIRT/Ortho-K exhibits the best results in the range below these values.The average duration of treatment for each set of lenses is approximately three months.

The dreams that myopia patients wish to realize by living their daily lives with uncorrected vision are diverse. Some people, for example, wish to prevent their myopia from worsening. Some wish to be free of glasses. Some wish to try sports that they were too afraid to try wearing conventional contact lenses. Some wish that they could answer with confidence when taking eye tests at school.Some require a certain degree of uncorrected visual acuity in order to pass examinations such as airline pilots. OSEIRT/Ortho-K is a significant opportunity to realize their dreams and more.


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